Lynn's thoughts on Saturday's screening

I took Charlie over to the theater at 11am on Saturday and he was thrilled to get into an air conditioned theater. I wanted him to see his film as a part of all of the films.
It was in a large theater (Friday was in the smallest theater) and it was packed with his friends and customers. Everyone was thrilled to see him come in. Andre and Ian's mom had a seat for him. I went back to the market to help my neighbors finish selling and a good thing too. We sold out by 12pm so we packed up the truck and they got to go home. I went back for the Q&A. It was incredible so see Charlie up on the stage. One of the other young film makers was so impressed with the film and our story. Her mom takes care of her own mother and she sees the love they have for each other.
What shocked me the most was that the audience told me that they got to see another side of me...not the independent Lynn but the sensitive Lynn.
It would be great if we could have a showing and lots of Q&A at the B&O. I even have a lot of questions. I would also like to Skype in Ian's mom and ask her for comments that her son was making while filming. Ian's dad has a farm and goes to the market every Saturday (Ohio) so he could not be at AFI.
I will send photos later but it was rather dark in the theater.

After the screening, people mobbed poor Charlie and finally the staff had to throw us all out. I met someone from Leggett's office and he knows how to get the ball rolling for tax reduction. Lots of people want to preserve this farm for the future and I would love this too. I know that I will have other farmers work the land when Charlie is gone. My only thoughts so far have been to preserve the house until all of my cats are gone. But, it would be great to preserve the land as a historic site for other gardeners.

PS It was the filmmaker, Maria Fortiz-Morse, who came up to me after the Saturday showing (she had seen the film twice) to tell me how she was touched by the film and my relationship with my dad.
Maria's own film was a very sensitive look at the homes lost through mortgage default.

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