Advice from Charlie

Charlie Koiner is almost 90 years old, yet he has an amazing farm in downtown Silver Spring that supplies the whole neighborhood (and beyond) with an amazing variety of fruits and vegetables almost year-round. Below is a video I shot recently where we talk a bit about Montgomery County's new initiative to promote community gardens. Although one site has been removed from consideration, the initiative is going strong and the county is on the lookout for appropriate locations.

(wait for video to load)


  1. What a nice documentary. Thank you, Charlie. I learned alot. The interviewer asked good questions and I really like Charlie's hoe.
    It may be a lot of work, as you said, Charlie, but it looks like fun! Keep up the good work!

  2. hi Charlie,

    I am the Outreach Manager at the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection. I was wondering if you would allow me to capture some footage of you and your farm, while the summer season is still in full swing. I think it is important to highlight your amazing work more as an example that others in the County could try to follow in their own backyards.

    Please call or email so we can get in touch:
    DEP: 240-777-7700

    Best regards,